Mulberry Wealth Management

Alison joined Mulberry Wealth Management Ltd in August 2017, as part of a move to develop her own brand and identity as a Chartered Financial Planner in the Bath and Bristol Region. Working with Mulberry who are based in Cardiff, provides the opportunity to extend the reach of Mulberry as an advisory firm in to the South West, whilst working with a long established and supportive administrative team.
Alison has worked in Financial Services for her entire career and is an experienced financial planner working with individuals and companies on achieving their financial goals. The role falls in to two categories of working with, individuals to achieve financial freedom and the ability to live contently on the fruits of our labour tax efficiently and without money worries.
For businesses it is more about strategy and achieving financial success, coupled with ensuring employees are rewarded with a package that will protect them and allow them also to work towards financial freedom.
Alison has developed a personal style to working with clients closely and assist them in achieving their objectives through a prudent financial planning approach.
Alison is an active member of the Bath Business Club and works alongside local accountants and solicitors to ensure a fully holistic approach to goal based financial planning