Cath Lloyd

Cath was reared within a household of stress and anxiety. When her Dad announced he wanted to become a woman and started to prepare to undo transgender reassignment, Cath was forced to manage the barrage of challenging thoughts to come to terms with the new family portrait. This impacted on her life’s path, affected how she connected with people on a personal level but also how she was able to support others in finding their normal.
She is known for her Stress Relief Awareness Days to help people to manage their stress. The day is based around fun, inspiration, education and the opportunity to sample some great complimentary therapies to help them create the right strategies for them to reduce their stresses and live a great life.
As an experienced life coach and stress relief specialist, speaker and author, Cath has come from a twenty-five year teaching career of which the last fourteen were in offender learning. She specialises in combining her teaching and coaching skills so that she can work on a one to one and group basis.
Her ‘Recipe To Success, From The Inside Out’ series helps her clients investigate all areas of their lives through a collection of short courses to support them in managing their life’s journey in more detail.
The 9th and 10th of September 2017 will be the birth of Cath’s exclusive Two Day Wellness Retreat. This is going to be fabulous retreat to explore how to download and release the anxieties and stresses we carry and how to keep the balance and gain the control we can loose within the complications of life.
Cath is the author of the upcoming book “Living With Normal: When my Dad became Joan.” due out in Autumn 2017.