Taking small steps can lead to big changes

Martin Roberts kicked off his own lifestyle transformation while in the Australian jungle as a contestant on the hugely popular ITV show I’m a Celebrity…Get me out of Here. Some of it was forced on him due to the quality of the food provided… you may recall Martin wasn’t too keen on the rice and beans! However, Martin’s work schedule and family commitments over the last decade has meant that time to focus on his own personal health and wellbeing was not always a top priority.
His time in the jungle forced a break from these commitments and gave him time to reflect on his diet and fitness. In just under 3 weeks Martin lost an incredible 2 stone and cured himself of lifelong Asthma.
Since returning home he has continued with the changes, which have resulted in him being happier and healthier- something which he intends to make a long term goal.


An Introduction by Martin….

“One of the surprising outcomes of my three weeks in the Australian jungle on ‘I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!’ was an improvement in my health.

Now, if you told me that I’d be saying that before I started my bug-eating, rice and bean-torturing, alcohol and caffeine free, calorie-limited adventure, I’d say your thoughts were as dodgy as a Dingo Dollar!

But here I am, 8 months on, still keeping most of the two stone in weight I lost off, and still not using the inhaler that I’d previously used to control asthma since childhood.

It wasn’t just the changes to me that I found startling – it was the relatively short time it took for them to happen. And it got me thinking and researching. What other life changes might be possible over a short period of time if you had it forced upon you or, more interestingly, you just put your mind to it?

And whilst there are boot camps that mimic some of the hardships of the jungle, what’s out there in terms of knowledge and latest products to support your efforts?

Well, it turns out there’s lots of both – things that can help you make dramatic changes to your health, wealth and happiness in a surprisingly short amount of time. From foods that support your gut health, to mindfulness that promotes your mental health.

And I’ve decided I want to share all the initiatives, products and services that I’ve discovered. So for the weekend of 14th -15th of October, I’m taking over the Assembly Rooms in Bath and organising an exhibition and seminar programme showcasing the very best from the Worlds of the Health, Nutrition, Wealth Creation, Mindfulness and Positivity.

I’ve called it ‘Achieve’, as I reckon most people want to ‘achieve’ something – be that better health, financial freedom and security or weight loss.

I’ve lined up a stellar programme of speakers – from Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Ruby Wax, Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards and Frank Bruno to Ella Mills of Deliciously Ella, Dale Pinnock “The Medicinal Chef”, Alana Spencer (Winner of The Apprentice 2016) and Sharron Davies, who will inspire and motivate you with their own stories of achievement.

Alongside, we’ll have over 50 companies and organisations offering the latest products and services from the world of health, wealth, nutrition, well-being and mindfulness.

The exhibition is free entry if you register for an ‘Early Bird’ offer before September 1st, but there’s a charge to be part of the audience with the speakers.

I sincerely hope that those attending will experience some of the same dramatic changes that I did.

Got to go now…my wheat free, quinoa and mung bean falafel has just popped out of the toaster.”